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The Fendi accessories collection offers a wide range of products including Fendi sunglasses, Fendi watches, Fendi perfume and Fendi belts. The first Fendi perfume, Fendi for Women, was added to the Fendi accessories collection in 1985 and Fendi watches feature exclusive, high quality swiss movements.

Fendi sunglasses are the most sought after product in the Fendi accessories collection. The shades are outstanding in it's glamour and luxury.

Over the years, like many luxury goods companies, Fendi has capitalized upon its prestigious reputation with a plethora of Fendi accessories that also feature Fendi gloves, Fendi lighters, Fendi pens and Fendi eyeglasses.

The House of Fendi continues to be one step ahead of the rest, with cutting edge designs and Fendi accessories, that always add a touch of fine distinction.

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Fendi Sunglasses

Fendi sunglasses are among the very best in high quality eyewear. These luxurious designer sunglasses are comfortable, stylish and a great addition to any wardrobe.

Fendi sunglasses use high quality materials and craftsmanship to offer sleek contemporary styles that come in fun and unusual colors. The Italian made collection ranges from modern plastic styles to ornately detailed metal designs all featuring the Fendi logo. From oversized designs to more classic and retro styles, the 100% UV protected Fendi sunglasses are striking and sumptuous.

The new Fendi rimless styles embody the Fendi sunglasses logo in innovative new ways and are distinctly Fendi. The plastics are wealthy and sensual - made even more luxurious with the addition of rhinestones. Fendi sunglasses appeal to both the trendy and classic Fendi consumers, with beautiful coloring, detailing and feminine eye shapes.

Uncommon in design, ultra-feminine and luxurious, Fendi sunglasses remain one of the most sought after brands and are known for their association with A-list celebrities who publicly flaunt their love for Fendi's unique designs.

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