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Signature Coach Clothing

Coach Inc. is an American luxury leather goods company.

The company is very famous for it's signature Coach handbags as well as signature Coach accessories but also offers signature Coach clothing for women, men, babys and pets.

Authentic Coach Clothing

Initially, the signature Coach clothing line featured signature Coach boots, signature Coach shoes, signature Coach sneakers and various hats but recently Coach introduced a ready-to-wear line for women and men as well.

Coach promises the highest in quality for it's Coach clothing collection and the brand delivers. Every signature Coach item is meticulously checked before it leaves the factory and Coach offers a very customer friendly Repair Policy (see section below).

Authentic Signature Coach Clothing Wholesale

We are selling genuine, authentic signature Coach clothing - Coach Discount Men and Coach Discount Women - at Wholesale prices.

Please go to the Signature Coach Wholesale section to see which signature Coach clothing items we currently have on sale.

Coach Boots, Coach Shoes, Coach Sneakers

One of the most exciting and sought after products in the signature Coach clothing collection are Coach boots, Coach shoes and Coach sneakers. The signature Coach footwear collection is well rounded and even includes Coach sandals, Coach pumps, Coach flats, Coach loafers and Coach wedges.

What separates this footwear collection from others is the quality, which is absolutely superb. Coach boots, Coach shoes and Coach sneakers are meant to last over time. On top, the stylish and trendy footwear is available in a multitude of fabrics and designs and perfectly compliments other signature Coach clothing.

Signature Coach - Bonnie Cashin

Bonnie Cashin

Bonnie Cashin is considered one of the most significant pioneers of designer ready-to-wear in America. Cashin, a five time Coty award winning fashion designer, worked for a variety of firms in many different sectors of the fashion business without ever licensing her name.

In 1941, Bonnie started Coach as a family-owned business in a loft in Manhattan, New York. In 1962, with Miles and Lillian Cahn, wholesale manufacturers of men's wallets, she introduced signature Coach clothing, handbags and accessories.

In developing Coach accessories, Coach boots, Coach shoes and Coach sneakers for her style of contemporary dress, Cashin also dramatically changed handbags with designs akin to modern sculpture, dyed in candy colors of pink, orange, yellow and blue, and lined with linens. With a greater variety of shapes, colors and textures in her "Cashin-Carry" designs, many featured wide openings or exterior coin purses and pockets.

Cashin designed matching Coach boots, Coach shoes, Coach sneakers, Coach pens, Coach key fobs and Coach eyewear and added hardware to her signature Coach clothing and accessories alike, particularly the silver toggle that became the Coach hallmark.

Coach Repair Policy

Coach offers to repair any authentic Coach bag or Coach accessory regardless of the reason of disrepair. Coach products have a lifetime guarantee for the life of the handbag or accessory.

The company charges a US$20 fee for the shipping and handling of the item. Coach understands the wear and tear of everyday life on Coach handbags and Coach accessories and will do everything in its power to repair such discrepancies.

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