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Hugo Boss Men's Clothing

BOSS Hugo Boss, HUGO Hugo Boss and BALDESSARINI Hugo Boss are brands of the Hugo Boss AG, a fashion house based in Metzingen, Germany.

Hugo Boss is one of the most luxurious, sophisticated labels on the market.

The designs in the Hugo Boss men's clothing line and Hugo Boss women line are elegant, sophisticated and truly represent what high-end clothing should look like.

Made with the highest quality materials and designed by some of the industry's most talented individuals, every piece in the Hugo Boss collection is truly a must-have design.

Hugo Boss Men's Clothing Wholesale

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The Early Days

Founded in 1923, the company is named after its founder, Hugo Boss.

He produced work clothes, overalls, raincoats and uniforms.

After several changes in ownership and management, the BOSS Hugo Boss brand was launched in the early 1970's marking the birth of the international fashion house known today.

Success In The 80's

Throughout the 1980's, BOSS' Hugo Boss men's clothing line achieved a high degree of brand awareness.
The fashion house had branched out into shirts, ties, tuxedos, underwear, shoes and started to add Hugo Boss handbags and Hugo Boss accessories to the Hugo Boss Men's Clothing collection.


Today, Hugo Boss is a well known global fashion empire with a chain of shops in 102 countries, more than 5000 stores and an annual turnover of over half a billion dollars.

Sub-brands for the Hugo Boss men's clothing line include:

Sub-brands for the Hugo Boss women line include:

Best sellers of the Hugo Boss men's clothing line are:

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