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Burberry Handbags

Burberry is one of the most recognized labels in the fashion industry. From Los Angeles to Milan, Burberry handbags are known around the world as a status symbol of wealth and luxury.

Authentic Burberry Handbags

Although the Burberry label offers a complete collection of high-end apparel, it has always been Burberry handbags that make the label so popular. Burberry handbags, Burberry bags, Burberry totes, Burberry clutches and Burberry purses feature some of the most intricate detailing and creative elements the industry has ever seen.

Burberry is known for their camel, black, red and white plaid prints (also known as the "Nova" check) which are featured on most of their designs. To appeal to the younger market the Novacheck was then altered to make the design bigger and then slanted in a diamond shaped pattern.

Many of the latest Burberry handbags sport the Novacheck pattern and it is widely used on two of the most popular designs in the Burberry handbag collection, the Burberry bowling bag and the Burberry classic hobo, both available in large and small sizes.

Designer Christopher Bailey joined Burberry in June 2001 and introduced Burberry's unforgettable line of python-skin, plaid trimmed, designer handbags under the Prorsum label.

The tremendous success of Burberry handbags is partially responsible for the revitalization of the Burberry brand.

Burberry Handbags, Wallets, Purses Wholesale

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Price Range Of Burberry Handbags, Wallets, Purses

Authentic Burberry Handbags

The cost of Burberry handbags is slightly higher than most other designer labels on the market. Most of their handbags and bags are upwards of $1,000 (or more) while Burberry wallets and Burberry purses sell for at least a couple hundred dollars a piece.

If you're looking for authentic Burberry designs you better be willing to pay the price. However, the expensive price for Burberry handbags, wallets and purses is equaled by the quality and fashionable characteristics they carry.

Who Wears Burberry Handbags ?

Authentic Burberry Handbags

The Burberry label has a long list of celebrity supporters choosing to wear their incredible Burberry handbags.

Burberry designs generally appeal to sophisticated, career women and businessmen looking to enhance their wardrobe.
Reese Witherspoon is a huge supporter of the Burberry label, along with many other Hollywood superstars.

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