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Signature Coach Handbags

Coach handbags, Coach purses and Coach wallets are not only a place to hold your necessities, but are also a potential investment in image and functionality. With Coach's renowned durability, their handbags could be used for a lifetime, if fashions never changed.

Authentic Coach Handbags

Coach is one of the few brands that truly live up to its image. When a woman shops for Coach handbags, Coach purses or Coach wallets she knows to expect quality from the stylish signature Coach selection. Coach's design consistency has created the distinctive signature Coach look.

Coach handbags say a woman is classy and elegant. On top, the superb finish is simply incredible. Consistency in quality has always been very important to the Coach Company. The leather, texture, color, and stitching is uniform in design and superiority, both inside and out. Coach offers an extensive, very customer friendly Repair Policy (see section below).

The assortment of Coach handbags, Coach purses and Coach wallets has grown along with the company. Today, Coach offers a wide variety of collections, both classic and high fashion.

In addition to their popular trends, Coach still offers a small selection of classic signature Coach favorites.

In their more recent collections, Coach handbags have been categorized into three types: in hand, on shoulder and across body.

Signature Coach Handbags, Purses, Wallets Wholesale

We are selling genuine, authentic signature Coach handbags, Coach purses, Coach wallets at Wholesale prices.

Please go to the Signature Coach Wholesale section to see which signature Coach handbags we currently have on sale.

Signature Coach Leather - Truly Unique

Authentic Coach Handbags

The Coach designers hand pick their leathers from only the top 10% produced for manufacturing. They tan the leather in large drums with natural treatments to enhance each product, constructing a truly unique grain pattern with each individual bag produced.

Once purchased, Coach handbags continue to be molded through the individual who owns it. As the leather transforms with each touch, the finished Coach handbags, Coach purses and Coach wallets truly become unique.

Price Range Of Signature Coach Handbags, Purses, Wallets

Depending on the style and model, the cost of Coach handbags might break the bank at US$150 to US$6000 a bag, although this designer price is worth the cost in quality, which is absolutely superb.

Who Wears Signature Coach Handbags ?

Signature Coach handbags have graced the bodies of the entertainment industry's most famous celebrities.

The trendy handbag styles are the top choice for celebrity superstars like Jessica Alba, Denise Richards, Vanessa Minnillo, Eva Longoria, Carmen Electra, Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson, Hayden Panettiere and Mandy Moore.

Coach Repair Policy

Authentic Coach Handbags

Coach offers to repair authentic signature Coach handbags, Coach purses, Coach wallets or Coach accessories regardless of the reason of disrepair.

Coach products have a lifetime guarantee for the life of the handbag or accessory. The company charges a US$20 fee for the shipping and handling of the item.

Coach understands the wear and tear of everyday life on Coach handbags, Coach purses, Coach wallets and other accessories and will do everything in its power to repair such discrepancies.

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