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Fendi Handbags

Fendi is extremely fashion-conscious releasing new Fendi handbags, Fendi bags, Fendi wallets and Fendi purses each and every season, so you're bound to fall in love with one of the many styles of clutches, bucket bags, jean handbags, gathered handbags, half moon bags, baguettes or evening bags - in classic or trendy designs.

Authentic Fendi Handbags

In March 1997 Silvia Venturini Fendi, a third generation Fendi, introduced the Baguette handbag. She introduced richer colors and wilder fabrics. Some women think of Fendi baguette handbags as "beanie babies for grownups". Fendi baguettes are made in the Zucca and Zucchino fabrics, and special edition baguettes are introduced each season.

Soon after came the Croissant, a miniature offspring of the baguette. Then came the revival of the Selleria line. Fendi Selleria bags are made in special editions using the finest pebbled leather and rough hewn stitches. Each bag has a sterling silver plaque inside.

Authentic Fendi Handbags

Fendi handbags, Fendi bags, Fendi wallets and Fendi purses are designed and manufactured by hand rather than by production laborers.

The company's designs are now found on the arm of many stars and signature Fendi handbags and Fendi bags such as the Spy, buckled B bag, and embellished bucket bag are often in high demand sometimes creating long waiting lists.

Extremely coveted and desired by women all over the world, carrying authentic Fendi handbags will look sophisticated and refined.

Fendi Handbags, Bags, Wallets, Purses Wholesale

We are selling genuine, authentic Fendi handbags, Fendi bags, Fendi wallets, Fendi purses at Wholesale prices.

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Price Range Of Fendi Handbags, Bags, Wallets, Purses

Authentic Fendi Handbags

Quality craftsmanship combined with Fendi's prestigious reputation in the industry has allowed them to charge expensive prices for their products.

As a result, Fendi handbags and Fendi bags can cost as much as $3,000 or as little as $1500 which is relatively expensive compared to other labels.

Mini Fendi handbags can be purchases for $250 and up.

Who Wears Fendi Handbags ?

With celebrity royalties, like Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez bearing Fendi bags, it's no surprise that most hot-blooded females long for Fendi handbags.

Other famous faces choosing to sport the incredible designs of Fendi handbags are Laguna Beach's Kristin Cavallari as well as actress Kate Hudson.

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